Dr. Daugulis Group

We have projects for organic, inorganic, and polymer incoming students, with most of the group focusing on organic methodology.
Our main interests are as follows:

Students and postdoctoral associates in the group can choose the project they decide to pursue. Subsequently they have a large degree of freedom with respect to the direction of research. Group philosophy is that while scientific discussions are encouraged, ultimately each person has his/her own project or projects and is responsible for making the chemistry work. This allows students to learn problem-solving skills that are invaluable when entering the "real" world.

Contact Information:

Department of Chemistry
Lamar Fleming Jr. Building
3585 Cullen Blvd., Room 112
Houston, TX 77204-5003

Postdoctoral candidates: If interested in joining the group, please send by regular mail to the above address a letter of intent and why joining my group would be beneficial to your career development. Postdoctoral applications via email will not be answered.


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